Parkin drawing prize


This drawing, this might strange, kicking alive and huge beauty, is currently hanging out at the Parkin Drawing Prize in Wellington. Go say hi and let her suck you in… NZ Academy of Fine Art, Queens Wharf, opposite the Museum of City and Sea, open 10 – 5pm daily. 

Photograph by Sarah Hudsonemail Made of Bigness 1600 x 2500mm


And then it rained



Everywhere was water. My fingers, my thinking. I bought my first pair of gumboots. My vanity has prevented me until now. Tens of minutes spent examining each option for colour, fit, pattern… and then splashing with my favourite five year old through tides and climbing the sand mountains that the storm left.

And the fabric, remains.

Photograph courtesy of John Collie and Christchurch Art Gallery Outer Spaces programme