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  1. Love your work and understand you did masters at Massey wellington. Wondering how you found it? The tutors seem to work mainly with video/textile. Will they be open to paint do you think. The reason I ask you is that your work has tactile material-based loveliness and I don’t want to lose that. I realise it will be transformative, and I need that, but I do love getting messy in the studio! If you have a chance I’d appreciate knowing how your experience was. ta justine

    1. Hi Justine, it is transformative and a huge adventure so good to be ready! Much of my MFA thesis was written about the process of doing a masters so you may find i useful to read that. It’s called Making Space and the whole thing can be downloaded free if you google it. There are some great painting tutors there (Simon Morris was my wonderful supervisor) and there have been a lot of great painters through there lately so lots of messy studios!

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