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Artist Alliance interview

Artist Alliance asked me some questions about my studio this month. It was really good for me to have to put some of these things down in response…..  Studio interview there’s lots of pictures too…. like this but more more … Continue reading

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Non online intimacy

Today I participated and did what we said we’d do. We decided to promote our show without using Facebook or other social media. That we would print cards, and make ourselves actually talk to people about what we are doing. … Continue reading

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So in 2014 I was part of co-creating a queer performance troupe called Collected Queers; Collected Queers is a collaborative group who want to see more queer as we know it from the inside. This is the multi-layered, many things … Continue reading

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Writing about the making process

This is a piece of writing I had published last year about the process of writing and making. For a long time I’ve used the metaphor of building. Sometimes building up, sometimes tearing down. There’s a sense of submission that … Continue reading

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