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I’m building a palace

When people ask me “what are you doing?’ I’m starting to say, I’m building a palace. A cane palace, he asks, and I say yes, and there will be paper, and fabric, and shiny parts. It’s kind of amazing how … Continue reading

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Construction and deconstruction

Going to see the Ganesha statues being made (should I call them statues, or icons?) on the street reminded me of many of my most treasured childhood memories. Where I grew up, in a small town in Somerset, there was … Continue reading

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Practice until it feels normal

Today was my third dance class, and I hit something again. I’ve been doing really great with my compassion and expectations; I started by telling myself look, you will be the biggest, most graceless, clumsy and only white person in … Continue reading

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Materials shopping

This post is just for images… now I am getting to the stage of putting things together, it’s good to see the constituent parts. The hot days of exploring avenues and roads of tiny shops full of potential pieces. Trying … Continue reading

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The organisation of things

I am now 5 weeks into this residency, and I’ve been thinking about the process of making a new body of work. The way at the beginning it is important just to start; the trust that the materials and process … Continue reading

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