Expressive portrait commissions

I’ve decided to offer up a new opportunity: Commission me to make an expressive portrait of and with you.

I made a series of these during my recent project We Don’t Have to Be The Building;

And would love to make more….

The magic of these is that they are active depictions of you. They are how you look, but also how you feel. They are like a collage on one sheet of paper, with you choosing the poses, moving and grooving, and me capturing some of that individual energy on paper.

People I have drawn before said other people came through too; a beloved grandma creating a warm shadow, or a younger self, still present today.

Making the drawing is an intimate and special process. I draw you at my studio, and you can give me feedback part way through on what is missing, or what you’d like me to add. I can also draw from photographs to layer up other people, places or objects.

I make drawings with charcoal, pencil, graphite and pastels. They can be black and white, or have colours added. The process is full of risk and excitement, and presence. It’s a live adventure to see what will come through, and a really creative process we can enjoy together.


How much will this cost me?

I’ve decided to charge for these drawings on an hourly basis. Which means that you will:

  • Get a much cheaper drawing than you usually would!
  • Be in control of how much it costs because we decide together how many layers and therefore how much time it will take.

We can also negotiate size and price so that it’s something you are comfortable with at the beginning. I also do some forms of exchange for things I need on occasion, so get in touch and we can discuss options.

A drawing like the ones pictured will involve a two hour sitting, or me working from photos, and will cost a total of $450.00


When can I book in for a session?

As soon as you like! We will work out a time that suits us both, and book you in.

My studio is in central Wellington, and has some wheelchair accessibility with a lift, but it has a step and heavy door on the ground floor so some assistance would be necessary, which I can provide.

Contact me on

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