What does your world look like?


I’m going through lots of bits and pieces in my planning /reflection process and I found this. Best description ever?! It’s never art world people who tell me the most valuable things, but people who are brave enough to just say it how it feels and looks for them.



This is the artwork they’re talking about..


And its enough, its wonderful. I want to always encourage and listen to responses in all forms.

They’re not always positive! But the more honest they are, the more valuable they are to the artist… Once an exhibition goer said to my mum “but I have all of these materials at home, I could do this.”

And my mum responded “yes, but you wouldn’t would you? Because your materials are tidy and boxed… This is what Siân would do.”


And I wish fervently that everyone would do it! I want to see tidy boxed art, and shonky structures, and neat lines, and wavery bits, and just everything that you would do… Sharing physically the ways we see and experience the world, and thus creating empathy, connection, and new ways of understanding each other and the world.

What is it that you would do?


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