Devotion drawings

These drawings are a suite of images drawn from photographs taken by Ann Shelton in the 1990’s of the queer Devotion parties in Wellington. Big, extravagant dance parties, when space was still cheap! I’m inspired by the home made costumes, full sized horse carousel, and the big reminder that dancing and celebrating are an essential part of our shared culture.

We dance we dance , 650mm x 500mm pencil on paper 2016,
Horses, 300mm x 350mm pencil, charcoal, pastel on paper 2016,
Devotion dancing 300mmx 350mm pencil on paper 2016,
Dance space, pencil graphite and charcoal on paper 300 x 350mm 2016,
We look, 650mm x 500mm pencil charcoal pastel on paper 2016,

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