This week I’ve had some affirming conversations with wonderful installers and curators I’ve worked with on past projects. Affirming because they have helped me to resee the connections between my community engagement work, storytelling, sculpture, and empathetic listening. The alchemy of being a channel for individual and community stories. And going big! To celebrate the forging of connections I’m gonna post some big installation works this week and share the stories of them.

This is “Soft is stronger than hard” at City Gallery in 2010,the year I graduated with my mfa. It was looking at the spaces that are not usually noticed, the spaces where the gallery is working hard. It maintains temperature, lighting, and structure, in unnoticed ceilings. This work brought attention to those and the effort that goes into maintenance, as the effort that goes into our own maintenance of a ‘public face’. The complexity and mess colour and wilderness that is the living energy behind, above, inside us,as well as our buildings.

‘Soft is stronger than hard’

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