I’m gonna share more

I write all the time. I’ve always written alongside my art practice. I have a folder of writing that I shuffle around, and work on, and edit… and leave in the folder. Well, enough! I am gonna share more. I’ll put things here, and on my other blog – siantorringtonartclasses.com. My main motivation is that I’ve realised that one of my missions is to share my heart. Not just the polished bits that I think are ok enough to fit into whatever I think the art world is – but just all of the bits. Because it’s what I need to do for me, but also cos I’ve learnt that it gives permission, opens space, invites people in. I want us all to be free, in all of the ways, and my part in that revolution is around creativity and expression. Believing that we can build other ways – imperfect, honest, vulnerable and strong ways.

Crafting, editing, making beautiful, yes. Leaving in a folder… no. Build up is bad, flow is good.

Another motivation is what you tell me – that it’s useful to share the process. To be less alone. To reach out. That it helps you to do your own art / have courage / just be. So, please keep talking to me. It helps me to be more courageous, and see what my work is for and what it does in the world. Thank-you for everyone who shares with me already, and I’d love to hear more.

Here’s something from last week:

The thing I forget to say sometimes is that it is about beauty.

The beauty that you make yourself, from everything you have

and everything you are.

It is enough, it is glorious,

your beauty, your way, the way that is

noone else’s

Shine, slop, flop, rest, forget the day and publish in the wrong months precious being

in all your crashy piles

How do I hold you up?

How do I let you flop?

Open my arms,

open my heart

Wider, wider, widest yet

so it can all flow through just like

it wants to

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