I’m  glad you’re here, just the way you are, Toi Poneke, 2020:

Queer Assembly by Hugo Robinson

Conversation with Mark Amery as part of Curators of Cuba – Video interview

Intimacy Stages / Active Empathy, 2017:

Interview with  Artist Alliance

Enjoy Feminisms, 2016:

Eye Contact review

“Mutability is at the heart of the visual enactment of gender here, refusing any artificial sense of coherence. The fragmentary, multi-layered way in which the work has been constructed acts as a powerful material reflection of the depiction of the subject’s identity.”

Weaving in, Weaving out, 2015:

Asia New Zealand

Open Dosa

How you have held things, 2013:

Show the light and the dark Bulletin – Christchurch Art Gallery

Interview with curator Felicity Millburn

How you have held things – Bulletin

Soft is Stronger than Hard, in The Obstinate Object, 2012, City Gallery Wellington

Abby Cunnane catalogue essay The Obstinate Object