Intimacy Stages / Active Empathy, 2017:

Interview with Artist Alliance –

Interview with Phantom Billstickers –

Lately I have been motivated by what kind of role creative practice can have in making 

connections, building solidarity and particularly empathy between people. Putting this art on the street is a way to share our stories and build compassion, empathy and solidarity through vulnerable, brave and open story telling through writing and images.”

Enjoy Feminisms, 2016:

“Mutability is at the heart of the visual enactment of gender here, refusing any artificial sense of coherence. The fragmentary, multi-layered way in which the work has been constructed acts as a powerful material reflection of the depiction of the subject’s identity.”

Weaving in, Weaving out, 2015:

Asia New Zealand Foundation blog –

Review from participant in Bangalore, India –

How you have held things, 2013:

Artist interview with curator Felicity Milburn:

“When I met with you in Wellington you said ‘We’ve forgotten how it feels to be stable’. You were talking about buildings, but when taken as a sentence it also talks about us, our response to the huge losses that have occurred in Christchurch. My work stands up for itself on spindly, unlikely, indeed provisional legs, but it still stands up. It has the ability to fit in anywhere, to find a handhold and begin to grow, to respond, raise a flag, reach across gaps with the humblest of materials. This is what I hope to be able to draw and build in Christchurch.”

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Soft is Stronger than Hard, in The Obstinate Object, 2012, City Gallery Wellington

Abby Cunnane catalogue essay The Obstinate Object

And finally, here are some of my published pieces of writing:

Poetry in Fourth Floor