Band Sensations

Band Sensations are Wellington-based Creek Waddington (electric kazoo), Amos Mann (electric double bass), and Sian Torrington (milked objects, piano and voices), reinterpreting such sounds as 1980s answering machine, oversized glittery stiletto heels, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, and bangle-filled spittoon. Band Sensations’ sound expeditions are variously conducted as pure live improvisation, as a layering of sound over original recordings, and on the odd occasion, as improvisation over an ad-hoc backing track created mid-show.

Sian Torrington is an artist who was one of those kids who learnt clarinet and piano properly then ran away, and then returned years later bent on musical expressiveness and exploration. Amos Mann is a composer, musician and egalitarian who has recently focused on composition for mixed-experience performers. And, in a happy gelling of values, Creek Waddington is a mixed-experience, self-taught kazooist and internet-taught digital composer.

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