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weaving in, weaving out

Weaving in, weaving out, is about femininity, expression, colour, difficulty and the skills we have learnt to create homes and spaces for ourselves. Being on a residency means having to build a temporary home in a new country. This home … Continue reading

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I be myself

I be myself. I build these things to express and shelter this being now. There is no shelter, there is only being. I cannot protect myself from who I am, I can only accept it and show it. I am … Continue reading

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I’m building a palace

When people ask me “what are you doing?’ I’m starting to say, I’m building a palace. A cane palace, he asks, and I say yes, and there will be paper, and fabric, and shiny parts. It’s kind of amazing how … Continue reading

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Artist Alliance interview

Artist Alliance asked me some questions about my studio this month. It was really good for me to have to put some of these things down in response…..  Studio interview there’s lots of pictures too…. like this but more more … Continue reading

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Your uncontained movement has opened a new room in me

February 2013 – with Sandersons Gallery, Parnell, Auckland Your abandoned movement has opened a new room in me will explore how we create open and yet private spaces to protect and encourage queer intimacy, identity and play. This sculpture … Continue reading

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