Open Water Bodies

Show at Blackmore Jean Gallery Sept 2010

This show explores freedom of expression and bodily experience of pleasure through the metaphor of home made boats and expansive drawings. Soft pastel bodies without bones are complemented by pencil maps of structured organic forms.

A humble and personal engagement with form and colour, these works are generated by the experiences found in the post MFA time, a time of settling into a new space, a more expansive space where the view is wide and the possibilities endless. They represent a time of being allowed to play, to follow intuition and feeling rather than be guided by thinking.

 A bird is left fluttering in my chest

open fragile strong breathing making

red warmth which spreads

 Expanded bones soft


going diving

 Don’t ask

Don’t tell

 Experimenting with the relationship that materials and forms can have to each other – leaning, holding, hanging in space. Diverse materials are bound, placed and found together in forms which draw each other close at the same time as finding resistances and difference.

 Using found materials to create forms which hold together and seemingly fall apart, bound by dripped paint to form three dimensional drawings, these forms inhabit the space a colourful, human interventions in an ocean landscape.

 These works are shown in Blackmore Jean Gallery, where Sian has her new studio. With expansive views over the ocean and big skies, her response has been to find her place in this new, open landscape.

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