Building building building….

CAG exh_928_5003 CAG exh_928_5006 CAG exh_928_5008 CAG exh_928_5012 CAG exh_928_5017 CAG exh_928_5023 CAG exh_928_5027CAG_exh_928_5033 CAG_exh_928_5035 CAG_exh_928_5040 CAG_exh_928_5041 CAG_exh_928_5055IMG748 IMG749 IMG750No words today except sleep, tired, building building building… grateful to everyone who is helping me and my sister for lending a flask for hot tea. Never underestimate the importance of a cuppa tea and a biscuit….

And a team of tane toa…. HEROES!


Images by John Collie, project comissioned by Christchurch Art Gallery O te Puna Waihetu, as part of the Outer Spaces programme

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