We are ready

ready boxesI’m here, I have arrived.

The taxi driver asked me, so who is that body in your bag? I said, it’s 23kilos exactly, but I should have said, it’s exactly what I need.

I have a poetry book, two silk scarves, peanut butter and green tea. I have perfumed oil, and red thread. I have bread made by my mother, and a gold skirt folded for my sister. I have red books for writing, and pencils in a red box. I have medicines, and shoes, and one long, black, lucky necklace from Africa. I have things for my lips, for my skin, for my fear.

I have my whakapapa, all written down, with blessings. There are some people missing, but I know how to say she is married, she is married, she is married. Whangai koro.

And I have the last feijoas from my parents tree. I brought a plate, and they perfume my room.

I am in the rooftops. I am ready. ready box

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