You say tomato

This show was at Toi Poneke in Wellington and was in conjunction with the Out Games.

This work started from the term ‘Homotopia’ and what that might look like. An ideal place where people can just be what they are? Old categories are pushed and expanded, questioned and remade. There are so many combinations of how we can be, and not many of them fit on a  white page or in a frame. These works are exploring an expanded idea of space and drawing, one which asks questions of contained and straightforward space. They ask you to look at them and take notice and talk to them anyway. They ask this of you in an abundance of colour, mixed up form and structure, struggling to find it’s form and place. And ending up some kind of beautiful anyway.

 It’s that tied up belly feeling when everything gets really tight and breathing comes high in   the chest. And then the expansive lift which drops the shoulders and lets everything in.

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