I’m glad you’re here, just the way you are

Exhibition – 27th June – 18th July Toi Poneke Gallery, Wellington Sometimes art making feels like an act of self-acceptance. What are these tangled, drippy, complex, funny things? They are you, and me, and what’s between us. They push and pull, unravel and stick together. They are proud and stand up. They are tired, and…

Big drawings

I’m thinking about all the ways I have gone BIG over my art making career. From simple but wildly energetic line caves in deep, rich, black charcoal, to complex delicate webs hanging in space.

Putting the feeling on the outside

Small spaces for expression and jewellery to say how you feel and keep people distant and close at the same time. I wrote this, and made these pieces, in the beginning times of Covid, last year. But as it rolls on, it still feels relevant to share, and to make wearable pieces for the outside, when the inside feels all of the things.

Spaces to talk

I keep thinking about making bigger things again lately. This time I’d like to build spaces that we can have conversations inside of. The spaces and made with what we have, stuck together, home made, using skills gathered together and taught by our friends, strangers, parents. There are bits that don’t fit together that well,…

I’m gonna share more

I write all the time. I’ve always written alongside my art practice. I have a folder of writing that I shuffle around, and work on, and edit… and leave in the folder. Well, enough! I am gonna share more. I’ll put things here, and on my other blog – siantorringtonartclasses.com. My main motivation is that…

Getting closer- listening in

It is 3 weeks into Covid 19 lockdown in Aotearoa New Zealand. And I am thinking, as I often do, about the places that art can occupy. And what it’s for. There is a lot of amazing things happening online: galleries showing how people wear their favourite jewellery, or tours of galleries, or artist studios….

Witch stick

‘Witch Stick’, paint, wood, fabric, sequins, glitter,2018. These small pieces are made from a myriad of materials collected and worked with over years. In my mfa a lecturer commented that’s there’s a kind of ‘patina’ to my sculptures. I think of that patina as also energetic, the layers of making, effort and feeling. The patina…

Holding together

This is the work I got reminded of this week:”How you have held things”, commissioned by Christchurch Art Gallery as part of their Outer Spaces project while the gallery was closed after the earthquakes. It was a moment when I really realised (got told) how much art still matters, even after such a traumatic event….