Author: Sian Torrington

A visual artist working in drawing and sculpture, making things, experimenting, writing about it, interpreting the environment as perceived through line and assemblage.

Devotion drawings

These drawings are a suite of images drawn from photographs taken by Ann Shelton in the 1990’s of the queer Devotion parties in Wellington. Big, extravagant dance parties, when space was still cheap! I’m inspired by the home made costumes, full sized horse carousel, and the big reminder that dancing

Just Teasing – mirrors that crown.

I’m known as many things, and one of them is ‘The one with the colourful hair.” That hair has been created by Gale Walker, at Just Teasing, for the last 15 years. We met when I arrived at the gallery to be told that 5 of my artworks had been

Studio Outings #1 -what I do and how I can help you to think more creatively.

Studio Outings is a new concept in exhibiting that I’ve been building up to over the last couple of years. I’ve been trying to find the thread that joins everything together. Ever since I began making art, I have been interested in what allows us to do it, what is

What if…

I’ve spent the last year trying to really figure out the deep connection between all the things I do. And this question is it! It’s the belief that we really could build a better world if we could all contribute and express ourselves, at the same time acknowledging how hard

Art does things

Sometimes people say you can tell it’s art because it’s useless. What they mean is that it is not part of everyday life, that it is somehow separate; it’s in a gallery. “Arthur Danto, a philosopher, said an artwork is about something…The artwork isn’t just there; you have to fill

What does your world look like?

  I’m going through lots of bits and pieces in my planning /reflection process and I found this. Best description ever?! It’s never art world people who tell me the most valuable things, but people who are brave enough to just say it how it feels and looks for them.

What we bring back, Sydney 2018

All works are available to view at my Wellington Studio on Vivian St. Please email me to make a time and come visit! What we bring back AirSpace Projects and Gallery, (Deep Space gallery), Sydney, 2 – 18th August 2018 What is deep space? This show suggests it is the

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